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Speaking of deliveries, (hijacking this thread) I have had very few problems, most of mine lately have been UPS or DPD. However, I have been waiting since May 5th for a bottle of Isopropyl alcohol from Amazon, supplier being MG Chemicals, which is a UK company and states that they do not deal with China. Every time I check Amazon Tracking, the message is ‘not yet despatched’ and ‘an email will be sent to you when this item is despatched’. I have found MGC customer services email and asked that they give me more info, before I am forced to cancel with Amazon and look elsewhere.

Amazon Prime deliveries: some are delayed, but not by much IME. Hermes I have had (bad) experience with in the past, or rather my SWMBO has. The local courier, who lived around the corner from us at the time, was a good bloke. He worked for another company eventually because every time he made a delivery there was at least one other customer asking where his order was. But Yodel is the one company that I do not like to see on my screen, saying they are delivering one of my orders. They are crap.

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