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Bob Williams
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Did you use EXPERIAN John? If not, take a free Trial with them:

Scroll down to How can you get your credit report? Check this out:  You can either request your credit history via a basic statutory report for free,  which will give you a free trial of Credit Expert. That’s what you need to find out about this CCJ.

We used this a few years ago to sort out a situation my missus had with a Store Card at M&S. The company running it for M&S (GE Capital Bank I think) demanded money for payments made and account closed, 2 years previously. Experian found out all the details and we sent copies of bank statements and an “Account Closed” notice from the bank, with a warning of legal action if they persist. Never had another Store Card.

I smell a rat from this case of yours, does not seem right. There are several ways that this could have turned up at your letter box. It may be someone else using your name and address. It could be someone previously living at your address. How long have you lived there?  From our case, these companies make mistakes all the time. Whatever the source, it doesn’t matter, get Experian to give you the info and take it from there.

Go to MSE, register if you never have, and check this out:   There is a lot of help there.

CCJ’s are as their name says, County Court Judgements. Even if they send bailiffs, they cannot force entry to your home. Only the High Court can do that and, despite what you see on TV, it is very difficult to get a High Court Judgement. Good luck JB.

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