Reply To: Multiple network gateways?

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I’m not trying to remotely access the router, but to remotely access my NAS. Origin block port forwarding unless you pay for a static IP address. When I was using the 4G router (the Huawei one that Three sent me), I was able to access my Synology by port forwarding on the Huawei router and DDNS was sorted by the Synology.

I can’t use VNC to access – at least, not when I’m at work, as Eduroam blocks VNC connections I believe (certainly, it wont connect whilst on the University wifi).

The main use case is to access my NAS whilst at work via SFTP and create an offsite backup at work. At the minute, it’s not an issue as we’re at home but since swapping to the Origin service, I’ve just been sneakernetting my files to keep a copy at work.

I just thought if I could have them both on the network at home, that would solve an issue.

When I checked the 2762 demo, I didn’t see load balacing yesterday, but I’ve now seen that’s a possibility.