Reply To: Will Cummings get sacked/drop out.

Bob Williams
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Yes I agree Steve, these politicians never seem to understand that telling the truth in the first place, rules out telling increasingly more incriminating porkies later.

I have been forced to travel to family myself 3 times during the current emergency. While our move was underway I was also travelling back and forth to the last home, desperately trying to find a destination that would take loads of stuff we didn’t want any more, because we were expecting to be charged for its removal by the former Housing Association landlord. Fortunately there has been a change of H.A. there, taken over by a massive combine. I wrote to their Director of Housing, she phoned me to say that they are no longer charging leaving tenants for this. Big relief!

Whilst I was going back, some of the older former friends and neighbours were walking right up to me, to ask how I was. Had to keep saying “Stay away 3 Yards!” They don’t get metres of course, our generation had mostly not been Metricated. I had that operation years ago!

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