Reply To: Will Cummings get sacked/drop out.

Ed P
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The answer to the question posed by Lee is ‘not yet’.

I watched the Cummings performance with interest, and while I think the legality of his position was questionable, it certainly breached the spirit of the ‘Lockdown’ and its rationale.

I came away with the distinct impression that Cummings piled his wife and child into his car and drove in a blue funk as far away from London as he could. He then rationalised it all afterwards, and it is totally unclear whether he or his wife ever actually suffered from a ‘coughless’ Covid-19, it is certainly the case that his child did not.

I now question his fitness to remain as an advisor. He not only showed lack of judgement and courage when the pressure was on, he then behaved completely illogically by doing a round 60 mile trip to a local beauty spot in order ‘to test his fitness to drive’! At no time did we receive an explanation on why his wife could not do half the driving. His reasons for fleeing London were spurious. I’m sure that had he had genuine concerns for the personal safety of his wife and family he had enough contacts at No.10 to arrange protection, ditto if he had remained in London and the whole family became ill – has someone disconnected his phone?

At the end of the hour I was unconvinced by his performance and came away with more questions than answers. I was also rather disappointed at the ‘hacks’ many of who just regurgitated previous questions without exposing the obvious holes in Cumming’s statements.