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Dave Rice
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I’ve been thinking about this: “Origin block port forwarding unless you pay for a static IP address”

Can I assume this to mean your external IP address is in one of the private ranges of or or 172.16..0./12? If so you’re screwed and always will be if even you paid for a fixed IP and used a USB dongle.

As you know I use Draytek a lot and for anything but 4G they are a go to for being able to do anything, but the sim slot versions are just too much £££. I now have a TP-Link MR200 and whilst it’s miles better than the Huawei it’s no Draytek.

What I’ve been searching for is head unit that’s really good at being a 4G modem and just passing the connection through to my Draytek. I believe I may have found the answer in the Teltonika range, but if you’re starting from scratch the cost means you might as well got for the sim slot DrayTek Vigor in the first place.

I’m starting to think that my first thoughts are correct, it’s going to take 5G to do this “all wireless” thing properly. The 802.11 protocols are pretty much there for local distribution and mesh is coming along nicely, it’s the internet end that needs sorting and IPv6 to take a lot of the routing pain away. I fear for people like us that it will be “this is what you get” at the consumer end and “this will cost you a lot” at the “I want some control” end.