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Thanks for the links guys :good:

I think I’ve decided to go with the Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair (Black PU):

I had my eye on it anyway, and it’s similar to the padded chairs mentioned, and my existing chair. It’s also got 4.5 stars from almost 2,000 reviews, so that’s a comfort. The Homcom is tempting me too though:

I like the look of the Markus, but £150 is a bit too high for something I might not get on with, although the 365 day returns is tempting. Dave: I’ve never been able to get on with those types of office chairs. I used to use one every day when I worked in a call centre, and I’d constantly be moving around in my seat trying to get it ‘right’ (I’d probably lose a few pounds though :scratch: ).

Sorry Ryan, got you and Nolan mixed up again. Not senile yet, but getting there. :scratch: :-)

No worries Bob. I’m home with the wife and daughter, so if that’s the worse thing I’m called today I’m doing well :wacko: :yahoo: