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Thanks all.

Been a pretty good day so far, had a bit of a back lane blast (legit, honest Guv’), my oil for the car turned up after being missing for 12 days (Euro Car Farts strike again, if it wasn’t 40% cheaper than anywhere else I’d have exploded by now), had some exercise kit from my bro and his kids and I just wrecked Amazon.  :yahoo:

I was sent a gift card for Amazon from extended family. Applied it to my account, bought some stuff and the gift card wasn’t used. Couldn’t cancel the order, went around in a loop so I contacted them via chat. The operator couldn’t cancel the order either. Then her access to all the chats apart from mine went down. Then I got booted out of my account and couldn’t log in again.

Eventually I got back into my account and the nice lady had sorted it all for me. I have no idea what actually happened, must be something to do with being 47…………