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Very interesting link Ed, thank you. Always been interested in Military Intelligence, since experiences with certain Green Slime* people and tactics during N.I. service. I discovered that some personnel were good, decent, hard working operatives, whilst an admittedly tiny minority were frankly useless and often dangerous to their own ‘side’.

Fascinating story, especially the details regarding the Falklands Conflict. A translation of the German reads: –

Since the British had to be seen as a constant freelancer for this operation, it can be said that the outcome of the Falklands War in 1982 was significantly influenced, if not decided, by the operation described here

And at the same time, a French team of arms technicians from Dassault were explaining to the Argentinians how to bypass the faults deliberately introduced into Exocet missiles by the French Military, at the request of the British government. That technical team remained in Argentina until shortly before the conflict began, then was returned to France by a circuitous route. British ships sunk and lives lost.

*”Green Slime” is the name given to M.I. operatives and activities, by the ordinary British soldier. I once rescued a document from beneath the back seat of a car obviously used by a Green Slime operative in Belfast, and returned it to him. “Fell out of my brief case.”

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