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Bob Williams
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Love that Ryan, reminds me of when our youngest gdaughter was small (almost 15 now). She had 4 cuddlies: Betty 1, Betty 2, Alice (!) and a piece of old cloth that was once a blanket, which reminded her of mum because it once smelled of mum.

She used to sleepover with us many times, because single parent mum has been deserted by 2 ratbags over the years. So the 4 cuddly items had to come too. Betty 1 was original, very battered so when I spotted Betty 2 in a charity shop window, exactly the same as #1, I bought it, expecting to replace Battered Betty. Oh no! She kept both. I had forgotten the way children love all their routine stuff. Alice was a gift from big brother, and when I gave her a bedtime story, I had to read it to Alice “Because she understands the big words granddad, just like Jack does!” Most of those stories I made up as I went along and I often had her laughing out loud, at which in would come grandma to scold me for keeping her awake.

I love all my grandbrats, but she was special. Not spoiled or favoured over the others, but I did spend a lot of time with her, took her to playgroups and down to Skeg for the Play places. I miss those times, but now she is a very mature 14, there are other times.

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