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Bob Williams
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Yes Ryan, love them all, but the youngest has another pair of grandparents who she does not like, and it is rare for her to express negative comments about anyone, never mind grandparents. Once at a family party these two attended, I was rolling about on the play area grass with our youngest, after which her other grandma commented that I was acting like a child myself. I thought for a bit, then said “Well I got older, but still never really grew up. You just aged.” (with great emphasis on ‘aged’.) They are the sort who give grandchildren money when they (rarely) see them, but don’t know how to give them love. That’s reflected in their 3 offspring: two sons divorced, both twice. One daughter who lives down South and refuses to see them.

I heard a snort of laughter behind me, it was my daughter. Relations between her and her in laws never recovered. Today daughter lives in a lovely large house that she worked to build up from an old cottage, raised every penny herself. Gdaughter’s dad lives in a Winnebago RV on a pub car park, because he ‘can’t work, won’t work.’

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