Reply To: What now after the end of the membership?

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To make the shop idea more accessible/appropriate to needs, maybe start a topic about what people are doing their due diligence/research on and whether there is a China alternative.

To kick it off with an example, I started looking on AliBaba at some LED batten lights and the whole sense of it just becomes a bit too much, I just find it frustrating. For someone that was on it more of the time it would be much easier. I hate window shopping at the best of times and just end up adding them to my¬† Ebay Watchlist and paying the premium for someone to act as middle-man, or in this case finding they’re out of stock!! I started looking at them for my conservatory, but they’re just as useful for the garage and the loft.

Regarding the ads, I personally hate them, but if they keep the lights on, then so be it. Let us know when they’re due so that we can whitelist forumite on our adblockers. :good: