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My big quadcopter came today. Finally.

Compared to the ones I had it’s huge. Compared to some available, it’s not big at all.

The red one is my previous largest one.

Not flown it outside and only briefly indoors as it’s quite scary in a small living room. As there’s no satellites available it’s down to trimming it to get it be stable, need a bit more space than I have available to keep it away from things and trim it at the same time.

Not bolted the searchlight on yet but it’s nice and bright and has it’s own rechargeable battery.

For some reason I can’t get the camera into 4K mode, it’s only doing up to 1080p at the moment. You can manually adjust the camera from straight ahead to straight down. From my quick play with it looks to be a good quality image.

Batteries are rechargeable via micro USB. Best to use the cable supplied as that has a charging indicator LED on it.

The app seems to be good, with a little deciphering of the manual it looks quite logical and easy to use.

Importantly, with the searchlight, it’s 230 grams, safely under the 250 limit where you need to register.

I just need to able to get out and give it a proper flight now.  :unsure: