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Bob Williams
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Ryan I have the AV500, the earlier version of the one Dave links to. I have double power socket wall warts at both locations, so no need for an extension power cable, which is a no-no, does not work. All I did was plug in both AV 500’s to the sockets, leaving them switched off initially. Connected the router and first AV 500 by Ethernet, connected the second AV 500 by Ethernet, connected second to the desktop (2 rooms and a corridor away from the router location), switched on both AV’s. Pressed the top button on the first AV, then on the second: this pairs them and secures the network.

That’s it. I have a Plusnet Hub router which is not the canine’s jewels, but it all works fine for me. The one thing I have read about powerline adapters, is that they may not work with older houses with thick walls and old wiring. Our apartment is only a few years old and has modern, up to date electrics.

What I have started to do after the Nightmare, is check each one for heat before bootup  and after shutdown. Told you, I am OCD! :wacko:

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