Reply To: Network Nightmare!

The Duke
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I have a to link router, iirc I got it two xmas’s ago (maybe 3) and VR900, over the last 6 moths or so it’s started random drop outs, slowing down and the range shortening.

So the other week (or month), a 3 pack tp link Deco M4 mesh things went in sale for £70 quid.

Totally forgot about them, we got a new bed last week and I found them. I installed them today, keeping the old router as a modem and the mesh deco kit placed around the house.

I now have a solid 60meg right across the house, front gate to back gate. I’m ment to get 80/20 but I think low 60s is all I’m likely to get.

After I installed them, I decided to give talk talk a call, they hung up because if social distancing or something. So went on their site and it was confirmed I was out of contract. I was paying £41pm (probably for about 4 years! So I “upgraded” to the same package for the Price of £26pm.

For the first time in almost 3 months, I felt like I achieve something. Even if it’s just 180per year. Should of done it years ago.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go through all my personal outgoings. I can only assume I’m still paying a load of long dead micro payments and probably a few out of contract overly expensive services I can cut down on.

Though my “switchover” from TT 80/20 to TT 80/20 is due to go through tomorrow, (they said 24h form clicking the link), I can just see TT borking up something as simple as doing nothing. Lol.