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The 6 month extension by the Gov’t applies to your existing 12 month MoT issued some time back in 2019. This makes it legal for you to continue to drive around now, ‘without’ an MoT, but with the Gov’ts permission, so long as the car is kept safe for the road.

As you got your car MoT’d before the cut off date ( 30th March 2020 ) it will expire on the date shown on the certificate, or 12 months after the date of the MoT test. This 2020 issued certificate will not qualify, currently, for a 6 month extension, unless lockdown lasts past March 2021, God forbid, and the Gov’t repeats the exercise then!!

My situation is that my MoT expired 14th April this year and I’m under the rules of the extension. I’ve just checked HERE and my car is shown as MoT’d until 14th October 2020. Put your Reg No in this web page and you’ll see when your latest one expires.

MB have also extended the period of the ‘past service date’ time from 90 days to 180 days, so that I will still qualify under their Warranty and Breakdown/Recovery terms. I am also trying with their Customer Service team to get a letter for a free service ( given to me by WX to compensate for a long delay in prepping the car ready for purchase, they had to order and replace the whole sun-roof ( 10 days ) after spending two weeks trying to fix it ) transferred from where I bought the car (90 miles from home in Waltham Cross ) to my local dealership in Canterbury. Haven’t heard back from them yet.