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Ed P
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Frankly I am guessing, but the latest NVMes have a lot of i/o channels and act like block devices:

“All I/O submission functions are asynchronous and non-blocking. They will not block or stall the thread for any reason.  . . .”

Provided the OS/CPU and mobo makes full use of the device then I’d guess that it would be good to go and not provide bottlenecks, I think however that I’d need one NVMe for the OS and one for the VMs unless I can get sneaky with RAM drives . . .

I would hazard a guess that careful mobo selection would be a key step.. From my reading Win10 fully supports NVMe (I do not know about Linux), as do mobos supporting Intel 9 series and X99 chipsets. (The Ryzen has four lanes that connect directly to  NVMe and supposedly all AM4 mobos have two NV?Me slots). As I said some research will be required to confirm all this as I move closer towards the Autumn and ceremonial Piggy smashing!