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Bob Williams
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We were supposed to get it but missed it and swapped it for a beautiful. warm, sunny Saturday. Walked ~ 3 miles along the coastal path, took our son a birthday card, spent a lovely afternoon and evening in our daughter’s beautiful garden, with the wall painting of a cherry tree that she did herself. Since the lockdown she has been concentrating on the garden big time. It’s a house that extends about 500 yards into farmland, with a view over empty countryside. Bees were buzzing around me as I sat in the corner of 3 bushes. A blackbird hopped around my feet, picking up mealworms for his babies as I drank my tea and ate chocolate cake slices.

Our son was engaged in rebuilding yet another stationary engine, in the hope that there may be Shows later this year. He has just finished building his SIXTH shed out of the remains of our old one from the bungalow. Both our kids are well tanned, but from very different activities!

In Mablethorpe, it was noticeable that almost everyone was keeping up social distances, except for one large family, most wearing Leicester City football shirts. They were just unbothered by it all, kids wandering about, screaming and shouting, right next to other people.

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