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Apologies for hijacking this Topic, Ryan!

I have read this link over a couple of days with interest, because I have been having similar problems. Some may recall that I was trying to set up my desktop PC in the spare room of our new pad, 3 rooms and 2 walls away. I wound up using two Netgear adapters and ethernet to the router (in the lounge) and the desktop here in the spare room. The Netgears were crap, but I found 2x TP Link PA-4020 adapters in my bits box, older but worked. OK so far…

Now I have occasional dropouts and the “Unidentified Network” message. Only happens very infrequently, but I am beginning to think my router is the problem, it’s the Plusnet Hub One and I understand it’s a ‘Technocolor’ model. When the ethernet drops out from the adapters, all 3 adapter lights are still green, but no ethernet and the Wireless signal is so poor that it just falls over, although phones and laptop in the lounge carry on at Warp 12.

Using my phone, I checked speeds over 3 days with the system working. In the lounge, 73 Mbps Down, 17 Mbps Up. Taking the phone into the spare room, speeds drop significantly, although I am in direct line through the walls to the router. That convinces me that I need a new router, what does the team think? This would be my choice:

Any advice greatly appreciated guys!

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