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Bob Williams
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Interesting article about this that I found earlier tonight :-

No surprise to me is the warning from the IGA that”…drivers don’t care for their cars.” Even back in my time as a workshop foreman and MOT tester, I lost count of the number of late MOT tests I or one of the lads carried out, only to find the vehicle unsafe. Telling drivers that they could not take their wheels away without signing a disclaimer resulted in some memorable scenes! Bad fuel and oil leaks, exhausts hanging off, brakes obviously inoperative, the list was endless. The one I really remember is a local with a Mk. III Cortina that had so many faults making it unfit for the road and was obviously rebuilt from at least two cars: different colour trim and interior gave it away, but when I first tested the seat belts, 2 inertia reels would not work, 3 belts were of different colours.

The one that really annoyed me was my eldest nephew, just 5 years my junior, married and living in Scotland since he was 18. Bought a MGB GT up there, drove down and had it MOT’d at Uncle Bob’s place. I had asked him to do that because I wanted to see it on a ramp (and it was two months out of date!) because I had driven behind it and was convinced it was driving out of alignment. Big line of welds in several places across the floor and chassis, brakes leaking fluid, exhaust had parts of what appeared to be drainpipe welded in. Checking chassis and engine numbers, VIN numbers in 2 places were different. Phoned a mate at Leyland and the engine number was wrong too. Nephew received a severe rollocking and his dad was informed. We eventually sent it for salvage. Last report from Scotland was that he was suing the seller, when the seller departed for places unknown.

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