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Bob Williams
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As a champion of independent local garage businesses, and recalling how daily working life used to be, I hope that the good ones survive and the ones riding to work wearing a Stetson hat, mounted on a pony, go to the wall. All local small business need to survive this catastrophe, of course, but I remember some tough times. During the 84 Miners’ strike in a pit village garage, work was hand to mouth at times. Considering the times then, when I say we lost £24,000 by having to auction unsold sales vehicles, you may understand why all of us took a pay cut and the owner remortgaged. Meanwhile one striking NCB ‘fitter’ was carrying out repairs in his backyard.

We never again sold vehicles, but used the space for extra MOT and repairs accommodation, and we had to sell of our burgeoning Hire business. It was tough: this will be tougher I believe. Best of luck to everyone here with a small business.

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