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I’ve got about half a dozen switches here now :wacko:

I had three of the Netgears set up in the old house, and when we moved a few years ago, I couldn’t find the box with them in. I bought a few D-Link switches instead and got the current setup in place, and now I’ve lost the last D-Link, but found the Netgears again :unsure:

Depending on how things go when we switch to Three, I may use them to get the network set up properly though. I’ve got homeplugs connecting the different rooms because of the problems with wifi, but the electrical system isn’t great, meaning that sometimes the connection is a bit flaky or slow. The eventual plan is to get everything either into the garage or attic, and run cabling to sockets in every room. With things like Fire Sticks being so much more convenient now, I can move the media server out of the living room then, and possibly heat the garage a bit at the same time.

I’ve been saying that for the last six years though… :cry: