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Bob Williams
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had a problem setting up everything, mostly Plusnet’s fault, suspect they don’t like me using a new router. However, am impressed immediately: much faster, Wifi reaches much further and I have setup 2x paired Ethernet-connected powerline adapters. And thereby hangs a tale.

Previously, in an attempt to get more juice from the horrible Plusnet ‘Hub One’ router, I fitted 2x Netgear Powerline PL-1000 adapters. All good until one blew its cookies, overheated. Found 2x Tp-Link 3yo adapters, AV 500, fitted, they worked. BUT would not work with my new TP-Link Archer VR 400 router, go figure! I had actually ordered 2x new Netgear’s when the other blew, as a return/replacement. Fitted them, all working.

So the TP-L router will not work with the TP-L adapters, nor will my onboard TP-L network card. Although they both work with the Netgear adapters. :scratch:   But I am quite impressed at initial usage, the webpage is good and there are lots of great features. Missus is happy because I have stopped swearing now me internet is working. :yahoo:

Keeping an eye (and a hand) on the adapter temp’s though…

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