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The Duke
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I have no need for that size either. And I have a CCTV server! 12TB is some side.

My pcs only have 1TB in them, and my Lappys still only have a 100gb ssd. I’ve just not seen the need to upgrade.

Ditched my movie collection, which had only about 800GB worth, years  photos are online (3 separate places, just in case). As the years went on, I could get by on less and less space.

Ironically my phone has 256GB of space! My lastone 128GB, never got past half full, and it only got that full out of digital lazyness, I’d happily get along with 64gb.

Just got an iPad pro with 128GB I think that was the lowest option.

It would take me a lifetime to fill 12TB, and then I’d have no idea what was on it, or where it was.

Still a great price for thought wasn’t do. But I’d not like that much data save in a single.