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Bob Williams
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Was it a Smets1 or Smets2 meter Graham? The early ones were notorious for going TU, especially after switching, when the new supplier’s tech does not work with the last supplier’s meter. In fact, I know one friend¬† whose Smets2 does not work after he switched.

I was with EDF for over 8 years at the former home and happy with them until we gave notice to move and gave a Final Reading on the day we left. First they said, you cannot give notice until 3 weeks (21 working days, stupid, arbitrary period) until we gave 21 wkg days, when they said, should have been 28 days. They took until after we had been in the new place for 3 weeks, before they contacted me and asked for another reading. No chance, I said, we gave it, the house is empty, all switched off and it’s a Housing Association bungalow, which the HA cannot rent out until Lockdown is over.

I was going to take up EDF at the new place, but I inherited a Shell Energy tariff from the last resident, changed it for a cheaper one and dropped £35 a month from the tariff EDF wanted me to have. Goodbye EDF! Shell will give me a SM2 when the current situation allows.

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