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Bob Williams
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You are having a rough time with EDF Graham, but I believe that might be because you aren’t on a DD of some nature. That’s what the suppliers all like, they want to know there is a regular payment plan in operation: causes them less work. Fortunately I was able to set it all up, choose the best Paperless option and carry on with a monthly DD at a set fixed amount. Then keep checking the website and my payments, to make sure they don’t try to increase it. EDF were always doing that, but I got to the point of using their Chatline to say NO I will not pay that, but I might pay this. If you don’t like it, I will switch to another supplier. They don’t like losing Regulars. I will do that with Shell when and if they use the same tactics.

Just one thing about Shell: if anyone does use them, do not use their Broadband. I have a mate who does and he is stuck with a contract he hates, with crap customer service. Which is a bit surprising, as I have found the Energy CS to be very good. As ever, we can vote with our feet, if the contract penalties allow it!

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