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Dave Rice
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Well the situation at the various (public) marine lakes along the Bristol Channel and inland freshwater ponds is one of the same social distancing chaos. The trustees of these places cannot understand why swimming pools are not open as at least some sort of organisation can be applied.

We can all see the threat to close the beaches is an empty one that could not possibly be enforced. I think everyone is so tired of falsified statistics that they aren’t to going to take any warnings seriously even if the Govt. decided to admit a mistake had been made.

I’ve seen a promo video by the Cornwall Tourist Board that tries to explain that things won’t be as normal and you can’t just rock up to a restaurant and sit down. Plus of course spaces will be limited. B&B, hotels, caravan and camping grounds will sell as many holidays as they cam, and who’s to blame them? Where are all these people going to eat, never mind what are they going to do all day? – attractions will be for advanced ticket holders only with limited admissions. The plea on the video is if you find where you are going to be a bit busy, please go somewhere else. Like that’s going to happen.

It will be chaos, I’m not going anywhere near Wadebridge / Padstow for quite a while, despite wanting to be with the family again.