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Dave Rice
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Rules or no, the Mrs and B-I-L went up to Bangor 2 weekends ago to empty the student house. Lease dates are no respecter of rules, but as I understand it the local police made it known it wasn’t going to be an issue.

God knows what’s going on next year, she was supposed to be going to China for the first semester then Austria for 2 and 3, it’s a vital part of a language degree. The way things work in China it’s not possible to swap them around, don’t know exactly why but think it’s to do with the academic year. Unlike Austria or Germany (at the moment) she can’t work there either,  so that’s not an option. If they feck up the leave negotiations who knows about Austria too?

All that debt she’s built up, plus our not insignificant contribution, and the Govt just doesn’t have a plan and indeed seems hell bent on being total winkers about anything EU related.