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Bob Williams
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I have Amazon Prime and I use my Fire TV, quite pleased with that. I also appreciate Amazon Prime deliveries, but I did not buy this from Amazon or an Amazon seller, it was simply not available from there at all. I searched Amazon and Fleabay, also many other online companies, with a specific table in mind, a set of dimensions to fit one spot. The company I chose had the only one that matched those spec’s and it looked good. When I eventually unpacked it, apart from the damage it looked to have been well made and would have been perfect for my needs, which was a table to work on next to the computer table, with a shelf below of the right size to take my printer.

Yesterday I received an email stating that the manufacturer required photos from me of the damaged parts. I replied that (a) the parcel had been sealed by me, and was more capable of being handled as a result (b) unsealing it to photograph it would render the already weak structure of the package, impossible to reseal (c) I had already given the selling company photos (d) I repeated that, under the Sale of Goods Act, the Selling company was responsible for goods unfit for purpose, not the manufacturer.

This morning they caved in. A replacement has been organised. I will not accept it until I have checked it minutely and listened for any loose parts. I will also ask the delivery driver to drive around to the main gates, let the driver in and take away the old package before he/she leaves. (we have several female delivery drivers here) This does not feel like a win. No customer should have to jump through hoops until they receive the correct, undamaged product that is fit for purpose. NINE emails, each way! I would never have received this kind of crap service from Amazon, and probably not Fleabay.

Yes Graham, it was a Rant, I admit it. :yes: But I am not the type to give in when I am convinced I am in the right. :good:

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