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In all the years I have listened to music, via so many source machinery that I lost count, there is only one amp that I would like to have again: a Danish “Arena” that gave the best sound from anything else. At the time, I was in Germany, bought it from a shop in Flensburg, right by the Danish border. I put it together with a Philips Direct Drive turntable with touch-button controls, 4 Arena speakers (the amp was an early Quad sound setup), and a big , vertical free- standing Akai stereo open reel tape recorder. The walls of my bunk shook at times! A quick posting to a Strategic Reserve unit in the UK, meant that I could not take all that with me. Going on leave, I sold everything but the Philips turntable and the amp, drove into the UK, got stopped by customs. 1969 and the Stones were in Hyde Park, pre-Common Market days. The customs ratbag official wanted over £170 in duty, saw my face and said “Or we can take it and sell it in our Customs House sales. Might buy that myself.” No you won’t I thought, surreptitiously breaking the tone arm and ripping out some bits from the amp. I hope he found them in his bin after I went.

When I pointed out that there were lots of Netherlands hippies pouring off the ferry for the Stones concert, VW microbuses loaded with recreational materials, he just said “They are guests in our country.”

I enjoyed the Stones concert.

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