Reply To: The Care Sector – which way forward from here.

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I suspect a lot of care companies would welcome a government buy-out.

My thoughts too, and provided standards of care didn’t fall – and there is surely enough focus and impetus to meet that requirement – you could get the Government’s Care Sector Benefits expenditure down by increasing capital expenditure. Now is the best time to borrow to invest in infrastructure, whether that be for housing, roads, water, rail, telecom, green products or whatever. Obama did that quite successfully after the ’08 crash. We should be able to do similar things here, Boris has even announced a few recently, with some road projects.

That PFI story is obscene and the start of the reversal of that trend can’t come soon enough. Hospitals shouldn’t be spending more on debt interest than the cost of a new wing or huge numbers of staff.

Profits should not go out of the country, but should be re-invested in the industry, be that water, electricity or any other. Again I’m not promoting Nationalisation, but there has to be a better way.