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Bob Williams
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Thanks guys. JayCeeDee had it right: ” Expect to be sucked in, sorted and kicked out... ”

I spent an afternoon being shuffled around the hospital, had a CT scan and blood tests galore, was endlessly asked the same questions about what happened, how I felt, what were my regular meds, what was my medical history. I had already given all that to the paramedic during the journey and it was all typed upon a Pad, taken to the ward and put on their system. At the last question I had lost it, so pointed the umpteenth medical person to my records on the computer. If I had been asked another question about my stoma, someone would have been wearing his notes. EG: “Why is your stoma empty?” ME:  “Two reasons, one I am not eating much, as I already told you. Two, I changed it this morning, same as every morning.”

Now I told them I was feeling better atm, but it develops during the evening and night into pain, sickness and green bile vomit. These people then decided it was constipation, told me all the checks showed nothing wrong and discharged me, without transport. Fortunately my son was just finishing work and he came to pick me up. Got home, within an hour in pain again, soon over the toilet and vomiting. They prescribed a constipation mix which I have taken twice, to no result. Today not so bad, but if it continues I am off the Louth Hospital Treatment Centre and I shall be extremely annoyed. Worse, I will take my SWMBO.

That’ll teach ’em!

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