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Bob Williams
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Stoma sufferers get constipation JayCeeDee, although thankfully not as much as in the “Before” stage. The opposite kind of BM can be a big problem, I get that very rarely, also thankfully. The constipation has been a factor in this latest episode, but caused by other issues. Trying to get the medical profession to understand that, is another story.

I am actually much better today, been cheered by two family visits, from dear daughter with youngest granddaughter, then from Eldest granddaughter and her partner, up from Sleaford. Came to show me her new wheels, a 13 plate Fiesta 1.0 Litre Turbo Ecosport thingy. Lovely motor, but I still can’t get my head around such a tiny engine with a Turbo. As an ancient petrol head, it just does not seem right. Partner is a truckie and he loves it, so must be something about it.

Your TIC prediction was actually spot on!

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