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I got a iPad pro this year, and the magic keyboard. It’s a very keyboard indeed. It’s not for behind the old ThinkPads. Slot nicer than the last gen apple laptop, my lad has. I think they went back to the older switches. Given such a thin base I thought I wouldn’t like it, and return it day one. It supposed me. Between 5hstvand my one plus 7 pro, I’ve only had to reach for a laptop once. And that was to view a council website that wanted ie. The iPad (any new one) a pen, and the magic keyboard (or the think pad one I guess), make for a good alternative laptop. Though not a cheep experiment to run.

Certainly agree with that – I’ve got the new MacBook Air as well (wouldn’t have the old one – the old keyboards were awful) and the iPad Pro keyboard is actually better IMHO than the MacBook! I would perhaps prefer the bigger iPad now I’m using as a laptop, but the 11″ is better for the inspections I carry out.

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