Reply To: Broke network rules (again)?

Bob Williams
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Yes JayCeeDee, I considered USB myself, but the router I placed in the best position is on top of a cabinet, at a level to better reach the desktop PC here, 2 rooms and a corridor apart. The printer just will not setup in this room, can’t get it close enough to the PC. Took it into the lounge and it set up to the laptop. Used Add Printer and it was picked up immediately.

Problem here is that the flats were built in (I believe) 2009. There are no actual BT sockets in any  of them: just an RJ 45 ethernet socket with a twin power socket by one lounge wall and and ethernet socket with 4x power sockets across the room, with TV antenna and 2x Satellite points beside them. Would have much preferred a BT master socket, as it is I have a pesky dangling micro filter. Don’t know of any way to rectify this. Flats have had 3 landlords and current one has no clue about the contents.

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