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Bob Williams
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This place is weird: sensors in every room, apart from the CO2 and other detectors, there is a movement sensor in the upper corner of every room. The Gas meters are all in 3 banks of meters, under a box on the floor. The Electric meters are in banks behind a door, set into the outside wall. When I moved in, couldn’t find the leccy ones. Told they were behind a door, it was locked and they had to send a minion to unlock it. “That is not supposed to be locked!” – as if I locked it.

Gson has a solution: well yes he does but the landlord will not let us do anything with the sockets. So he is in the same boat, but has Plusnet Business via work and some really high speeds. He has servers in the spare room and is connected to work, has a massive desktop. Work is his life really, that and gaming.

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