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Bob Williams
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Reviving this because they actually delivered a replacement this am, just 5+ weeks after the original order was made: this package is also damaged. TNT Driver refused to take it back and refused to take first one back

I emailed them yet another complaint, with photos of package damage. Since they already have my solicitor’s letter (from a free consultation, done business with them for years) they came back with choices:

*Take another replacement

Accept a discount to –

*Open second package, check damage, if contents damaged, use both package contents to make a table that is fit for purpose.

Opted for the second choice, IF a significant discount is offered and IF a table fit for purpose, can be built, after examining both package contents. If not, I will have my pet shyster send them another letter, with a demand for a full refund and his fee. I await their reaction, firmly gripping their Corporate Scrotum. I could even use the first table contents, to add another shelf, they don’t want to collect it.

But I am still bloody angry about the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Being ill does not help.


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