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Bob Williams
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Oh boy, do I relate to that!

Working on a Datsun Laurel, don’t now if you knew them: the unburstable Datsun 6 – cylinder inline engine, 2.4 Litre. Same engine in the first 240Z sports cars. A somewhat floaty ride, but that suited a long-time customer at our garage. Big George was a trucky, then in his early fifties and doing it since Pontius was a pilot, so he loved that ride because it helped with his ‘Trucky’s Back’.

He came into us with such a rattle, (on the car) said it wasn’t loud but he was used to a peaceful ride after his noisy old Foden. So I did the usual: shoved an unwilling apprentice into the boot, motored off. Apprentice climbed out a little shaken, heard nothing. Next I had him lying across the rear floor, then the front, a bit folded up. (It’s a good job we taught and paid them well!) Put on the ramp, had someone inside, rocked it. Stripped out seats and trim, checked every square inch, nothing, replaced them. Even did a Water test with the pressure jet, no leaks. Drove at all speeds, still rattling, worse at below 40 mph. Then I had one of those brainwaves that should not happen: leaned below the car with engine running, heard something from an engine mounting. Supported engine, loosened mountings – out fell a pebble! Connected it back up, drove out: no rattle. Phoned George: “Oh well it’s due a service next month, do a full service now if you can.”

Bonus! I don’t know how we could have honestly charged all that labour, for a rattle.

Had a few like that, but most were found and solved quickly. Mechanics hate rattles!

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