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Working on a Datsun Laurel, don’t now if you knew them

Yes, I certainly do remember them from the late 70’s. I also cast a few envious eyes over the 240Z and 260Z, hoping I could guilt SWMBO into replacing the Stag that I had sold to help purchase our first house. No such luck as practical needs took over.**

Around the same time I was Chairman of the local Dog training Club in Hendon, I was living in East Finchley then. We had quite a few members from Golders Green, who weren’t short of a bob or three. One had the Toyota version ( if not a bit grander ) the Crown Royal. That was a beast – the closest thing ( other than a Mark 10 Jag ) to an American boat on Britain’s roads. But very comfortable and ahead of it’s time in many things. It actually provided the rolling chassis for the start of Lexus evolving from Toyota, aiming for the luxury end of the market.

**I had bought what turned out to be a troublesome MkIV Cortina estate because the other half was pregnant with our son. I replaced it in 1984 with a Cherry hatchback – truly a gem of a little car, that was almost self-financing after the running costs of the Cortina!! That served us well for the first three years of our son, before I upgraded to the Bluebird ( which almost qualified as the Laurel’s replacement, although mine was a hatchback :-) for all the baby gear).

I was about to put in a note to Drezha, but iirc he’s got a Golf which is well suited for a family car.