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Thanks for the well wishes.

We’re at week 29 now, so we’re almost in the last quarter. Thankfully no missiles coming from SWMBO yet… though we’re getting to that 7 month period!

Nursery is painted, though still have to buy a cot – but we’ve a while for that as some friends leant us a lot of stuff before they try for their second! So pram, basket, car seat (which we trust them for it being good), clothes etc has been dropped off recently so we’re quite good on that front.

We know we’re expecting a girl at this stage. Covid has meant that I haven’t been able to visit the midwife with the wife and if it continues, I’ll have a very limited time at the hospital once she goes in (labour dependant!) Luckily, we’ve got a private scanning surgery nearby that has reopened so we’ve been to that so I could have some of the pre birth experience. Thankfully no cravings at the minute, so I’ve not had to go out for McDonalds or anything since lockdown! My parents thankfully know how to work FaceTime or Facebook Messenger, so that’s helpful, and we know a few couples nearby with young ones.

Can’t promise when she’ll get a tablet… we’ll see how things go! A while before that yet!