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Bob Williams
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Three Motability leases ago, I returned to Ford and took a Focus. Might as well have top of the range, I thought, so had a Titanium 1.6. That’s as far as I could get on Motability with an Auto. It was quick (when it worked) but the trim was much worse than the basic 1.6 I had in 2001, which is still driving around the Mablethorpe area today. Everything that could go wrong with the ‘Tit’ Focus, did: electric windows, doors, front and rear windscreen wash/wipe. ECU packed up. In fact, the only other Motability car I leased that was worse, was the second: a Vauxhall Astra, which developed too many faults to list. That was preceded by a smashing little Corsa 1.6 auto, which went like the proverbial greasy faeces but had a very hard ride.

The last fault on the Focus was a rear windscreen wash/wipe, which kept blowing fuses. I checked it out myself and advised the workshop foreman to get in an Auto Electrician and check out the rear wiring. Ignoring the Oldphart, he had the car 3 days: dash out, carpets up. Around 11 am I walked in and they were still at it. The manager heard me asking them to take out the rear trim and parcel shelf, made them do it. 15 minutes later, they exposed wiring over a weld, chafing and shorting out. Laid incorrectly in manufacture, of course.

Oldphart 1 – modern ‘technicians’ 0. I had a conversation with the young foreman, to the effect that I am a Motor Engineer for a reason: when I was stumped, I found the knowledge I needed, or called in someone who had the relevant expertise.

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