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Bob Williams
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Her dad has been ejected by her mum and also by their daughter, for spendthrift and lying about the fact that he had lost his job, but still continued to spend money as if he was working. Guy has 2 other (male adult) kids by 2 different mothers.

Strangely, he bought a huge Winnebago and has moved about 50 yards up the road to a large pub car park. He took out a loan for this and also has a 750 cc Yamaha and a Mondeo. He pays rent to the pub landlord and lives actually atm directly opposite our son, works shifts in a dead end job. His debts must be enormous, but the house is daughter’s and she wanted him gone. What a weird situation.

Gd is not at all interested in ACF, even though grandad insists that the AAC is in many ways an improvement upon the RAF! Dad is far more interested in the sons than in his daughter. I would not trade her for the world, but my daughter has always had terrible taste in men. Gd’s words when mum said she was ejecting him, “When does he leave?”

She asked us for astronomical charts and a wall display for the bedroom. Maybe considering an astronaut as a career. Whatever she decides upon, she will take an A* education and will have the backing of us all.

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