Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

The Duke
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We have stirfrys a few times a week. Id rather have the sachet of black been sauce. But if you can’t, a bit of soy and ginger like Dave says will be good.

Healthy and super easy and fast to make. If you can’t do rapeseed oil, the spay oils also work. But give the next to zero fat content in the meal, the oil is probably better to have than not have. Also it’s such a little amount, I doubt it matters either way.

A chilly infused oil is good, it doesn’t give a kick, more a hint of flavour.

If your guts ant in the best shape, I won’t add bean sprouts to your stir-fry. They can be “windy”, and they are one of the biggest caused of food pointing out there. You need to treat them with respect lol.