Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

Bob Williams
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Thanks Dave and Steve, can’t use oil or any kind of grease, but can use the spray oil, just a tiny squirt. This morning I was back on the porridge, one egg for lunch, crusts off the soldiers. No biccies now, just a Natural yoghurt. Thought I would hate that, but took it slowly and liked it by the time I finished. Can’t eat fruit pulp, so I am juicing lots of oranges. Lots of stuff I can’t list it all, cannot eat any more. Never did eat lots of chips, but loved cod in batter, that’s out. Tonight, thick Tomato and Basil soup, a fresh Salmon fillet. Going to our fresh fish seller tomorrow, looking for Sea Bream.

After speaking to my GP, he explained what happens: Pancreas is damaged, slowly recovering some function, but the damage is causing it to produce the wrong sort of enzymes and they are causing pain and other problems. Hey ho, on I go, down another dark path.

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