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Bob Williams
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Thanks Nolan & Ed.

As I have a Parastomal hernia, I carry my bog around with me!

Today we took in a delivery for our senior grandson, to collect on his way up to his flat above ours, when he finished work. It was all Japanese foods and sauces, direct from Japan. Some had to be removed from the boxes and chilled in the fridge: that was in an insulated jacket that had remained chilled, all the way from Japan in less than a day. Big bottle of Sake, all kinds of sauces, many different noodles.

He has been working his way through Japanese and Korean foods and recipes for a while, has even received recipes for Japanese burgers. Twice a week he has resumed inviting mum and sister for meals, but not for Asian food. He experiments with making his own burgers and other dishes, then serves them up to mum and kid sister.

Nolan, I see the Autistic reference: gson has Aspergers but obviously no digestive problems, quite the opposite. He does have social interaction issues and is only OK with work people and family, others he knows very well for a long time. In view of his Asian food kick and IT expertise, I jokingly suggested that he learns Japanese and moves to a Tokyo workplace. He gave a thoughtful look…

What have I done? But his severely dyslexic cousin has digestive trouble. Can’t eat veg, makes him ill. He’s a carnivore.

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