Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

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Hi Bob, best of luck with the new regime. Some of your breakfast/lunch ingredients sounded familiar. I realised they were a part of the Slimming World Magic Pancakes that the wife eats when she wants a change for breakfast. I actually tried them once and they aren’t at all bad.

Ingredients/instructions as below.

35g porridge oats
half muller light ( Natural would substitute )  yoghurt
2 tbsp granulated sweetener
2 eggs

place your 35g of porridge oats in a bowl & mix with ( Natural would substitute ) half a muller light yoghurt
leave this mixture overnight in the fridge
Then in the morning whisk 2 eggs into the mixture
Add 2 tbsp of sweetener
Pre heat a large frying pan and spray with fry light – medium heat
Use a desert spoon and measure out roughly 12 small pancakes
Fry one side for about 4-5 minutes until it stops bubbling
Flip over and cook for further 3-4 minutes until golden brown
Serve with some fresh fruit of your choice or any other syn free accompaniment ( or not ).