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Bob Williams
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Thanks JCD, I have just learned from yesterday’s unread email from my GP’s, that porridge is not suitable for me now. Apparently the small size of some grain messes with the enzymes that have to be allowed to leave ASAP. That was sent yesterday: they are taking turns to ask me to post what I eat each day, then tell them any reaction. Well, last night I was sick again, finally got to sleep around 3am. Posted that, will have a response tomorrow. Hey, do I have a great surgery or what? They are determined to keep me breathing! Tonight, small Salmon fillet, Farfalla pasta and broccoli. Small snacks throughout the day is advised, instead of 3 larger meals. Earlier, thick, proper Tomato soup, which I love. Cornflakes for brekkers. I feel OK atm, things appear to be moving in the correct direction, if you get me. Going to beat this.

Ed I will borrow some of gson’s Soy for the pasta I think. Pasta sauces are not recommended, got to keep out any oily stuff.¬† Do not fancy fermented veg though! Any advice regarding a non-oily sauce for pasta? A bit monotonous without. And I think I am giving myself overlarge helpings of pasta. Weight still falling: 68 Kilos now.

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