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Any advice regarding a non-oily sauce for pasta?

What about adding a portion of stir-fry sauce to your pasta, they come in a wide range of flavours and they’re low fat ( <1g fat per sachet and <0.2g saturated ) – I’m presuming that’s non-oily.

Shame about the porridge, but never mind. :good:

We have a friend who is having a problem with Thrombosis in her legs. She has been on injected thinners, but now they want to put her on tablet thinners, but they have to do it carefully. She was in pain so she went in to her local walk in clinic and they checked her out, e-mailing her GP with details and a recommend for different tablets. When she got home there was a message on her answer machine from her GP with his home number to call him back on. He had already arranged with the ( Sunday ) out of hours pharmacy to deliver to her the new tablets. Plus a follow-up appointment for during the week to check progress.

I was very impressed. :yahoo: