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You have a Synology!

Dropbox was often a quick drag and drop solution whilst I was at work for syncing quick files (saves signing on to DS online or installing additional software), and saving files from iOS to Dropbox is significantly easier than to DS file (partly because it remembers where I want files). It also linked in with various iOS apps as a default, when iOS didn’t have a file system, so for the cross platform sync, this was needed.

And I’m currently in two minds about replacing the Synology – it does the job of sharing files on the network, but the wife has moved to iCloud storage for backing up photos and I’ve got a Raspberry Pi to offset for items I can’t do on the NAS itself. Short of getting the 218+ or higher, I can’t run Docker on it by looks and for the price of the 218+, I could put together a small mini-itx system. I am about due for a hard drive replacement on the Synology as it’s three years old, so I’m considering my options for changing at the same time.

However, the Synology “just works” and therefore could be of benefit with my free time to tinker about to disappear!

– I used the Dropbox uploader for a while and I switched all my photos to use the same naming scheme, as I ended up quite liking it! At the time however, it didn’t end up messing around with photos I already had.

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