Reply To: Farewell to Dropbox

Dave Rice
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I have a 218+ now and yes you could build an itx system for that money but getting it working like a Synology? and maintaining it? That’s why I abandoned such things and let Synology do all the hard work. That doesn’t stop me looking at things like open media vault, then I think nah. Leave it alone.

I now run PiHole in a linux VM on the 218+ so the Pi is now spare (I upgraded the ram to 10GB with a single 8GB sodimm). Synology Drive seems to work a lot better than Cloud Station did and I much prefer Moments to Photo Station. The faces / places / scenery sorting works well and is much less of a toy than I thought it would be.

I installed my first customers 218+ last week and on the business side they’re using Synology Drive and Active Backup for Business on the PCs and the VPN server . The family are using all the media apps as well as private and shared storage. All backed up to via C2 and of course it’s all encrypted.

I really wouldn’t want to support something I’d put together myself 😀